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Archive Tweets Forever

On March 25th, the most retweeted tweet of all time, the Oscars Selfie, by Ellen DeGeneres, was lost from Twitter. According to @jordanrcrook from TechCrunch, Twitter experienced technical difficulties that resulted in the loss of tweets including many famous celebrity tweets. Although some of the celebrity tweets have been recovered by Twitter (one by Lady Gaga is still reported missing), it is also not clear how many “regular” tweets may still be missing.

It sounds flippant, but celebrity presence is a big part of what makes Twitter so popular. Yesterday, for at least twelve hours, several highly trafficked tweets from stars like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Ellen DeGeneres disappeared. In fact, it was Ellen’s beloved Oscar selfie, jam-packed with A-list celebrities and retweeted more than any tweet in the world, that became unavailable. – Jordan Crook, TechCrunch

Regular Folks Can Now Archive the Web with Permamarks

That is the problem with the web. Up until Permamarks, “regular” people did not have the ability to control their web experience, and archive ephemeral links. The 23-year old founder of Permamarks Matisse VerDuyn has been trying to spread the message that the web is full of link rot, and that is why he wants to help you “save the web” – literally.

Matisse VerDuyn at Ideagoras

We are losing our digital history

According to a study by Old Dominion University, 11 percent of links “in” tweets are dead links after one year, and a whopping 27 percent are dead links after two years. Now, even tweets themselves might not be forever.

Before Permamarks, only large institutions and organizations had the ability to archive easily. After Permamarks started its alpha release, the Internet Archive started letting individuals submit a link to be preserved.

But Permamarks gives you, as an individual, more control of what and how you archive, and how you share links. After 25 years of the web, isn’t it about time?

Permamarks created something new – a real “live” HTML page archive of URLs on the web –with a smart hybrid link. Permamarks is not just a live archive, the hybrid link is a unique solution for publishers.

Permamarks Protects the Integrity of the Original Link

Why is Permamarks a unique archiving solution for publishers as well as regular folks?

A Permamarks link has two parts. The link you share takes you to the original page, and gives link credit to the publisher.  The archived part of the link is for the member that saves the link, except if the page is deleted or removed. That is the real beauty of Permamarks:

If a page is ever deleted or removed, Permamarks will display the original page, full live HTML , not a 404 error page – and that means live links embedded in the archived page still work! (Permamarks does not capture video.)

Here is an example of one of my Posterous posts that was preserved with Permamarks before Posterous shut down a year ago:

You Control Your Content on the Web with Personal Archiving

Using Permamarks, you have the control of the links as public, private – and even confidential (encrypted). You also have the ability to archive your writing shared on other platforms.

Countries and companies are archiving tweets. But what if tweets are “selectively” archived or accidentally lost? You should be able to control your content, and now you can.

Permamarks also gives you the ability to organize bookmarks of Permamarks, and curate collections into beautiful lists, both publicly and privately, that never lose their links.

By the way, here is a Permamark of Ellen’s tweet from the Oscars – just in case it ever gets lost again:

We’re still building and interested in your suggestions, request to join Permamarks here:

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